Current Issue

Vol. XXXII, No. 78, 2024

Audiencias empoderadas e hiper (des)conectadas: Actores, contextos, experiencias y prácticas educomunicativas

Empowered and hyper (dis)connected audiences: Actors, contexts, experiences and educommunicative practices

Thematic Editors

Dr. José Soengas-Pérez, University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Dr. Amanda Paz-Alencar, Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Dr. Ana-Isabel Rodríguez-Vázquez, University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Bibliometric Study and Network Mapping of Teacher Technostress Between 1992-2022

Rita Louzán (Spain), Fermín Torrano (Spain)

Assessing the Learner’s Engagement Through Virtual Classroom and Teaching Pedagogy: The Mediating Role of Technology Usage

Peiqiong Zhang (China), Peng Zhao (China), Jongmoo Kim (South Korea)

EduComR: Instrument for the Analysis of Museum Educommunication on Social Media

Borja Aso (Spain), Iñaki Navarro Neri (Spain), Silvia García Ceballos (Spain), Pilar Rivero (Spain)

Integrating Physical Media Education into Elderly Care Programs: A Case Study of Enhancing Well-being and Promoting High-Quality Life

Xiaolei Li (China), Le Wang (China), Cunsheng Fan (China)

Youth Frustration and Intergenerational Conflict on Twitter

Gago-Rivas Víctor (Spain), Martín-Gómez Ángel (Spain), García-Gutiérrez Carmen (Spain)

The Beauty of Clay: Exploring contemporary Ceramic Art as an Aesthetic Medium in Education

Zhiyan Zhang (China), Pan Wei (China)

Audience Participation in TikTok Metadata

Dra. Amparo Huertas-Bailén (Spain), Dra. Natalia Quintas-Froufe (Spain), Dra. Ana González-Neira (Spain)

Digital Pathways for Sustainable Development of Museum Tourist cultural as Visual Cultural Practices

Jianbo Yang (China), Yuling Zhang (China), Wenjing Li (China), Shuan Liu (China), Wei Huang (Bahamas)

Educommunication and empowerment in cardiovascular health of Lisbon citizens

Célia Belim (Portugal), Raphael Baptista (Portugal), Carla Cruz (Portugal), Maria João Cunha (Portugal)

Business Incubation Study Programs to Promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activities in Animation Major

Zeling Zheng (China), Xiaohui Huang (China), Jie Zhou (China)

The Challenge of Audiences as (re) Active Drivers of Journalistic Change

Ana-Isabel Rodríguez-Vázquez (Spain), María-Cruz Negreira-Rey (Spain), Xosé López-García (Spain)

Sustaining Regional Equality and Interdisciplinary integration of Arts and Sciences through Creativity Research in STEAM Education Systems

Man Luo (China), Rong Cong (Bahamas)

Young People and Social Networks: News Consumption Habits and Credibility of the News

Pedro Farias-Batlle (Spain), Alba Córdoba-Cabús (Spain), Bernardo Gómez-Calderón (Spain)

Advertising Literacy: 30 Years in Scientific Studies

Francisco Arbaiza (Peru), Kelly Robledo-Dioses (Spain), Giovanni Lamarca (Peru)

The Self-representation of People with Disabilities on Instagram

Luis Mañas-Viniegra (Spain), Carmen Llorente-Barroso (Spain), Ivone Ferreira (Portugal), Mónica Viñarás-Abad (Spain)

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Cross-Media Writing to Enhance Children’s Language Competences: An Educommunicative Study of Language Development in China

Ximeng Zhang (China)

Analyzing the Impact of Digital Media on Promoting High-Quality Skiing Education: A Case Study of Online Tutorials and Social Media Campaigns

Le Wang (China), Xiaolei Li (China)

The Hashtag #CharlasEducativas as a Teacher Affinity Space on Twitter

Ingrid Mosquera-Gende (Spain), Paula Marcelo-Martínez (Spain), Ana Yara Postigo-Fuentes (Peru), Manuel Fernández-Navas (Spain)

Visual Communication Design for Mobile Learning Apps: User Interface Usability and Learning Engagement

Yang Jingmiao (South Korea)

Empowering Chinese Young Female Fans on Social Media through Artificial Intelligence to Control their Body Image

Xiaoyu Fan (Malaysia), Dr. Rosya Izyanie Binti Shamshudeen (Malaysia), Dr. Mohamad Saleeh Bin Rahamad (Malaysia)

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